Scrapbook Alternatives to Document Your Travel Memories

It's inevitable that life gets busy, and we have Pinterest boards filled with artsy, craftsy goals to capture every beautiful moment we spend with our families, but the reality is that we hardly have the time for it. 

And then there's that bizarre feeling when you get home from a vacation and you feel like you need another just to wind down from vacationing in the first place. You're thrown back into the thick of life, scrambling to get the kids out the door, trying to figure out what to make for dinner, maintaining the yard that grew into a jungle while you were gone. Honestly, who has time to pencil in "design vacation scrapbook," or "print vacation photos?"

 Alternative ways to document your travel memories without using a scrapbook

We can't all be scrapbookers and photo album designers, so here's five ways you can document your travel memories without needing to bust out the double sided tape and heart shaped paper punches. 

 Travel history Map - a personalized world map that shows where you've traveled to. Perfect anniversary gift idea!

Travel History Map: US Travels or World Travels

Every now and then, we all come down with a bit of wanderlust. One of my absolute favorite orders to fulfill is the Personalized Travel History map. Couples use this to document epic road trips or a history of the places they traveled up to a certain milestone in their relationship. 

 Remember your honeymoon with personal, travel coordinates


Coordinates.They almost always lead to secret treasure. Have custom longitude and latitude coordinates designed to mark the place you met the love of your life, your honeymoon, or your most favorite adventure.

 Personalized, custom city skyline - great engagement gift!

Custom City Skylines

While these make wonderful engagement gifts, I can't help but gush over the romance behind the wall of cities one of my customers shared with me. When she and her husband go on a trip, they have me make one of these, and I absolutely cannot get over the meaning that wall of cities must hold every time they walk down the hallway. 

 Travel Inspired Gallery Wall - City Skylines by Near & Dear Designs
 Personalized Vintage Inspired Travel Poster Wall Art

Vintage Inspired, Personalized Travel Poster

Customers send me a photo from their travels and I turn it into a vintage-inspired travel poster. It's like a postcard you can hang on your wall, complete with your travel date and any personalized text you may want to add. I love making these because they really transform into decor. Hang it in your office, the kitchen, use it to decorate your kid's room - it's a really versatile and fun way to document your travels!