Every Order is a Gift - Product Packaging

It's no secret that receiving a letter or gift in the mail brings undeniable happiness, but goodness, it brings me even more happiness to send a gift to someone. 

With The Near & Dear Gift Collection, so many of my products are purchased as gifts, so I wanted to make it really, really easy for my customers to turn their orders back into gifts, even if they don't purchase a gift wrapping upgrade. 

 A peek at the packaging of Near & Dear Designs

The first thing I always do (after I carefully cushion your treasured purchase, of course!), is place a few dried sprigs of lavender in the box. The lavender is special to me because I used lavender throughout the decor for my wedding, and afterwards, I dried it to preserve it. I love the idea of sending off a little slice of one of the most happiest days of my life to each and every customer! Lavender represents luck, success, and devotion - all the things I wish for the amazing customers who support my business everyday. 

 Graphic Designer's Farm Wedding - Brooke Witt of The Near & Dear Gift Collection - Photos by Boko Photo

wedding photos by Boko Photo

Next, I add a blank gift tag card for customers to fill out if they choose to gift what they offered to another person. I love adding these, because the majority of my customers order to give what they purchase to someone else (can we stop for a second and celebrate how GENEROUS my customers are??); however, not all of them order artwork that comes with boutique packaging. 

Boutique Packaging Gift Wrap

Home illustrations, family portrait illustrations, and travel posters all come with my boutique packaging so they're ready to be gifted upon arrival! If you're sending your order straight to the gift recipient, here's a look at what they'll receive:

 Eco Friendly, Boutique Packaging from Near & Dear Designs
 Boutique Gift Packaging from Near & Dear Designs

All of my packaging material is eco-friendly. From the flat mailers to the business cards, I've gone green in everything, and whenever possible, I choose made in the USA. 

The boutique folders for unframed art are made of handmade, recycled cotton fiber paper. The deckle edge detail is so lovely and soft, and I love tying them up with raffia or natural paper ribbon. 

For framed art, I use a custom recycled gift box and textured linen wrapping paper - and with every wrapped piece of art, I always adorn the package with a decorative element such as dried berries or flowers. 

 Eco Friendly gift wrap from Near & Dear Designs

In my personal life, I shop local for everything, and I try to buy used and vintage whenever possible. So it feels great to be able to offer that with my own art so you can truly feel good about what you buy.