Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Poor dad. Let's be honest, he gets the short end of the stick for Father's Day. A lot. Whether its new socks, his fifth wallet, or maybe another dress shirt that makes its way to him every June, the practicality of these gifts aren't exactly teeming with meaning.  Typically, dads aren't the mushy type, but I know first hand that they melt when they realize they've passed something down, when they know they've instilled something - anything - in their children.

While I do home illustrations with lots of custom colors and details, I never fail to see an increase in orders for house sketches for Father's Day. Sometimes, it's of a childhood home from a father's youth. Sometimes, it's of the house grandpa built with his own hands that one summer when he and grandma moved the whole family across the country. Sometimes, it's of the cabin passed down from father to son, generation after generation after generation.

 Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas from The Near & Dear Gift Collection

Either way, it's a single sketch with a line or two of minimal text, and the impact goes a long way. It's a simple gift that says it's ok to be sentimental; it's ok to reminisce. It's ok to honor a memory, to recognize that there is a shared moment, something historic between you and the man who raised you.

 Gifts for Dad - Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas

After all, a man gets a lot of meaning out of sense of place - even if he's the traveling type. So this year, try surprising him with something a little different like  his favorite city skyline or coordinates to a memory you share together. The topographic map is an especially good choice for decorating masculine spaces.

Now that I've got you dreaming of all your best memories with dad - or grandpa - let's get shopping: