FAQ: Printing Digital Files and Instant Downloads from Etsy

While I offer prints framed and shipped to gift recipients, I also have a lot of customers that want to assemble their purchase for someone on their own. Maybe they plan on including it with a larger gift, or they have a particular frame they want to include, so I make it easy for those that want more control over their gift project by offering the option to purchase it as a digital file for printing. 

I also have many international customers where shipping prices just don't make sense for a single art print all the way from the United States, so they prefer to print locally as well.


However, not all printers are created equal and it can be a little tricky figuring the process out and making sure you've ended up with a top notch quality print job. 

How it Works

In my shop, you'll see that I offer digital files using coupon code PRINTMYOWN during checkout. This will remove the shipping charge and indicate that you'd like to receive a digital file. This is where I create your design, and after you've double-checked all personalized info and approve your proof, I email you a high resolution digital copy of your design and you have it printed at any local 1-hour photo lab such as Costco, Walgreens, or CVS. It's just like printing an 8x10 photo. It cuts out shipping time and is a quick way to go.

Paper Selection

I print on 60b. textured fine art paper which you won't find through most of the following options, but a good quality matte photo paper will produce good results if printing at home or going to a local 1-hour photo lab like Costco, Walgreens, or CVS. 

Online Print Labs

Following, I've provided my recommendations for online print labs in the US, UK, and Canada, and listed their current pricing for a basic 8x10 printed on matte paper. 

United States

United Kingdom


The above labs also offer prints on other materials such as canvas and offer mounting services that can transform a simple art print into a standalone piece.